Complete Musicianship
Students don't just learn how to play skillfully - they develop complete musicanship, creativity and self-confidence, building the foundation for a lifelong love of music making.

I facilitate this by focusing on the person as much as the process, working from a strong curriculum, and supporting parents every step of the way!
A whole-body approach to playing with physical freedom and instinctive musicality. Students explore the infinite sound-worlds of the piano through touch, playing with zest, sensitivity, and glee!
Students connect emotionally and artistically with engaging, quality repertoire, carefully chosen to best support technical and musical growth. Most pieces are classically-based, but students may also choose some 'non-classical' favorites, as well as compose their own works.
Students master the foundational skills needed to listen acutely, read fluently, and notate accurately. Concepts are then applied to their own repertoire and composition projects, creating deeper understanding and and ease of learning.
Practice is an art in itself, and so we focus on the process of learning how to learn. I collaborate closely with parents to keep younger students engaged and enthusiastic. Students become increasingly self-directed as they grow, the goal being mindful and efficient independent practice habits.

Students have the opportunity to participate in ​​a wide variety of events within and beyond the studio, from casual studio 'Piano Parties' to formal recitals. Performance skills are consciously developed in class and group settings.

Students build confidence by challenging themselves to perform, take auditions, and participating in exams. Recent successes include the Royal Conseratory Celebration of Excellence & Piano Teacher's Congress Honors recitals, and admission to the Professional School for the Performing Arts.
Structured study is balanced with improvisation and composition: creating, notating and performing
​ original work integrates everything students have learned into something uniquely their own. Guest Artists present 'Piano Perspectives' workshops twice a year, to help keep us inspired with fresh horizons.
Duet partners, group workshops and studio-wide practice initiatives increase student motivation by making students feel they are part of a group, rather than just working in isolation at home. Parents also enjoy connecting at our annual informal 'potluck'recital. We are a very friendly studio- welcome!
My approach aligns with the curriculum of the ​​Royal Conservatory Music Development Program, 
providing a recognized international standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study.  My students consistently achieve honors results in this program, win Tri-State awards, and are invited to participate in the Carnegie Hall awards recitals.

"My daughter Cassie adored Ms. Alison from the very first moment and looks up to her as a gentle but firm teacher. It is a constant source of amazement and pride for me to see her sit down and practice just because she wants to. Having sat in on many of Cassie's lessons I can attest that Ms. Alison is not just an exceptionally creative and engaging teacher, but also incredibly logical in sequencing new concepts and materials. Every lesson is extremely productive, and Cassie is never frustrated by new things not making sense, because they always seem to just fall into place."
- Joey Huertas